Traces of Dawn

Jekyll and Hyde

A new journey begins here, as we pass through this world of good and evil, there is very little that we know about ourselves. We study the pathways between light and dark only to find ourselves at the same place we started. Some would describe their lives like Jekyll and Hyde, a mere person who was daunted by things around them.

Traces of Dawn has cleverly captured all of these emotions through music. Each song has been strategically placed on the album to tell a story. Get ready to meet, Jekyll and Hyde!

How’s that for an intro? Hey this is T Dawn from Traces of Dawn. Many of you already know who I am. I am so excited to introduce to you the new album. This album is powerful! I think there is a little something for everyone here. I won’t reveal where the songs are placed on the album but I will share with you the song titles.


Each song on the album unlocks an enigma to many of life experiences. I invite you to take the journey right now, this page unlocks the lyrics. Have a look around and find them.


10/14/2017 Updates: All weekend only, songs from the new album will be airing on BTD Radio listen now.

10/12/2017 Updates: All lyrics to the new album have been unlocked.

10/7/2017 Updates: I just unlocked to more song lyrics and two songs to listen to. They will be up until Monday the 9th. Enjoy!

10/5/2017 We are on the last leg of the new album journey. Words can not express how excited I am for this. Your involvement is particularly important to me because without you I would not even be creating this album. Within this next week I will be posting songs for you to listen to, along with the lyrics. This is another chance for you to get a sneak peek and listen to the songs before they release.
Here’s what I need from you. Listen to the song, review the lyrics and make sure they are correct. I have opened the comments on this page for you to be able to reply. I will only leave each song that is posted up for two days.

10/2/2017 Updates: The listening party went over well. I am so excited and thank you for listening.

10/2/2017 Updates: New album listening party on BTD Radio New Music Monday at 2PM PST.

9/28/2017 Updates: Unlocked lyrics to “Disruption of My Disturbance”

9/26/2017 Updates: Chance to listen to “I Don’t Know” for one day.

9/24/2017 Updates: I unlocked more lyrics. The release date is near. Can you guess what date it will be?

9/18/2017 Updates: I unlocked more lyrics. We are getting closer to the count down!

9/12/2017 Updates: I have unlocked more lyrics to another song to the album.

9/7/2017 Updates: I have unlocked the words to another song on the album.

9/3/2017 Updates: I have revealed a hidden secret on this page, see if you can find it? It will only be available for two days. (This is now closed, hope you got a chance to listen to Steady Rest)


In closing; I hope you found the key to unlocked the lyrics. This is only the beginning, as we prepare for the release of this album. I will be revealing lyrics, song previews, contests and more. Bookmark this page, this is our new site and news about Traces of Dawn.

Album status: I am excited and extremely confident in this album, it really does rock! I have been working late nights trying to make up for lost time due to the unexpected three weeks of travel I had in August, though I am very close to completion August is not going to cut it. Some deliverables are beyond my control that involve other people, promotions and such. Had I been around they would have gotten done but I need extra time for these therefore the release date is pushed into Sept. To make it up to you, I decided to have a backup plan to keep you entertained and that is this website. Thank you so much for your understanding, it will be well worth the wait!
T Dawn – Traces of Dawn