Traces of Dawn April Fan Appreciation – Susan Sanderlin

Traces of Dawn would like to congratulate Susan as one of Aprils Traces of Dawn Fan Appreciation.  There are so many fans we want to thank. We have fans who have been following us for such a long time  and we can’t wait to thank them but we also have some new fans that have just discovered Traces of Dawn and we want to make sure they know we appreciate them just as much. Susan is one of our newest fans that has stepped up to the plate to show her love to Traces of Dawn.

Let me tell you about her. Susan is from South Carolina. She is a huge music lover and music supporter. On her Twitter page, her profile starts off with “I love music.” If you go to her Twitter page, you will find it’s plastered with music that she loves. Oh and BTW we want to thank you for loving our track, “Communications Done.” Susan, we look forward to learning more about you and we invite our followers to say, “hi” to Susan and welcome her to the Starlight family! Please check her Twitter page out: Susan’s Music Page

Love and hugs!

T Dawn

Traces of Dawn