March Fan Appreciation – Dave O’Connell

Traces of Dawn – March Fan Appreciation -Dave O’Connell

It always amazes me how music can connect people together. Dave and I met several years ago on Twitter and just recently got to meet in person. Dave has a kind heart and he is been very open in sharing his life stories to help others.

You see, he is a survivor, a public speaker on various types of abuse and traumas.

“After years of enduring abuse, Dave struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression. “I work every day to overcome depression and face the fears of my past,” he says.

He now uses these painful experiences to help others who may have suffered from similar kinds of abuse. Through writing a book, volunteering and being an active member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau, Dave is able to let others know that they are never alone. In overcoming suicidal thoughts, he also thinks about not wanting to leave his children without a father.?

Quoted from RAINN 

Dave O’Connell -September Survivor Spotlight: Suicide Awareness and Prevention. I encourage you to follow the link above and read all about Dave’s journey of survival.

Dave, I thank you for being a huge fan and friend. Continue to share your life experiences with others. If only more people had the same amount as courage you… can we clone you? LOL

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~Dawn aka Traces of Dawn